Monday, April 21, 2008

Avs Win Series... Daughtry Wins Walleye

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On Saturday night the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Minnesota Wild 3-2. With their win the Avs move on to the next round of the playoffs against either the Stars or the Red Wings. And Leah Daughtry wins the Friendly Wager with the Republican National Convention CEO Maria Ceno.

In what could only be interpreted as foreshadowing of things to come, the Colorado Avalanche triumphed over the Minnesota Wild at the Pepsi Center Saturday night to win the Western Conference Quarter-Finals. Before the series began, we made a friendly wager with our counterparts at the Republican National Convention Committee in Minneapolis-St. Paul on the outcome of the series, offering up Colorado steak to their Minnesota walleye.

A bet is a bet, and we’ll be eagerly checking our mailroom in anticipation of the arrival of that walleye.

And while we’ve enjoyed the friendly competition with Wild fans over the last couple of weeks, we certainly hope to find them on our team when the spotlight returns to the Pepsi Center in August. We welcome Avs fans and Wild fans – and many others – to stand together as we put our Democratic nominee on the road to the White House in November. - DNCC Blog

(picture courtesy of the DNCC)


_libby_ said...

Congratulations to the AV's!! :o)

(I may not root for them in the final rounds.. but I'm glad they knocked out Minnesota!!)