Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Summary and Weekend preview

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

Rep. David Wu of Oregon for Obama

Current count: Clinton: 256, Obama: 234

See the DCW Superdelegate Tracker for the latest superdelegate endorsements.

Other superdelegate news:

Sen. Clinton meets with Uncommitted superdelegates on Capitol Hill.
Harry Reid joins the crowd saying supers should choose by June at the latest.

Lots going on this weekend:
We have add-on superdelegates being picked on Saturday in Arizona, New Hampshire and New Mexico. Clinton won Arizona and New Mexico. While Clinton won the popular vote in New Hampshire, the delegates were split 8-8, and the add-on is selected by the district-level delegates. We'll have more on this.

Arizona has a vacancy in their state vice-chair position. The new state vice-chair, who will be a superdelegate, will also be picked on Saturday.

And finally, the Iowa District Conventions are on Saturday. 3 of Edwards 6 projected Iowa delegates are district-level delegates and are therefore potentially up-for-grabs if his delegates don't get necessary number of votes. Remember, Edwards started with 14 delegates from the Precinct Caucuses, and dropped to 6 delegates at the County Conventions.

Check back over the weekend for all the updates.


Galois said...

Here is a nice preview of the Iowa district conventions on Saturday. It seems it is quite possible that Edwards could actually pick up delegates on Saturday because Clinton supporters might switch to Edwards in some districts where he's not viable hence taking a delegate away from Obama and giving the delegate to Edwards. We'll see.

Matt said...

Just posted a detailed preview of Iowa.

Matt said...

And just added the IowaIndependent link also.