Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Six add-ons to be picked

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As we move into April, we're about to pick up the pace of the selection of the add-on superdelegates. Here's what's coming up:

  • April 3 - DC - 2 add-ons - Selected by the DC Democratic State Committee
DC add-on superdelegates named.
  • April 5 - DE - 1 add-on - Selected during the State Convention by a committee of district-level delegates
  • April 5 - MO - 2 add-ons - Selected by the Democratic State Committee
MO, DE and FL add-on superdelegates named.
  • April 6 - ND - 1 add-on - Selected at the State Convention by a vote of all the caucuses
North Dakota add-on superdelegate named.

We've posted before about the DC add-ons. We expect DC's Statehood Representative, Mike Panetta, and an Obama supporter, to be named one of the add-ons, but the other one is unknown.

If the add-ons all go the way their states did, Obama would pick up all 6 add-ons. But given that MO was essentially a split decision (both candidates picked up 36 delegates), those add-ons could easily split, and we've seen that some uncommitted add-ons also get picked, so we'll have to see.

In addition to these six add-ons, Florida is also picking their three add-ons this weekend - Selected by the Florida Democratic Party State Executive Committee. Of course, as of now, Florida's add-ons do not count.

We'll post on each add-on as they are announced.

Update 4/6: Obama picked up 1 add-on in each state. Clinton picked up the other add-on in DC, and the other add-on in MO is uncommitted.


Keith said...

You should not count on Panetta being one of the add-ons. The DC plan is considered to supersede the DNC call, since it came later and was approved by the DNC.

I'm hopeful that Obama supporters will be selected, but we'll find out Thursday night how things go.

Brad said...

Does anybody know when we'll find out about the DC add-ons today? Does Obama have a good shot at getting both of them, given his huge victory there?

Brad said...

Does anybody know when we'll find out about the DC add-ons today? Does Obama have a good shot at getting both of them, given his huge victory there?

KCinDC said...

Brad, the vote isn't happening until tonight, and no one here in DC knows how it's going to turn out. There are a lot of candidates, so we Obama supporters are keeping our fingers crossed that the committee members will concentrate their votes on two Obama-supporting candidates and avoid the possibility that a Clinton-supporting candidate will slip through because the votes are split.

Not sure how late the meeting will go, or how quickly the news will get out after that. I'm going to try to get someone to call me when it's decided, but I probably won't be able to get online until late tonight.

(By the way, "keith" above was me.)

Brad said...

Thanks dude! Let us know the minute you find out, even if it's just a short little post. I can't wait to hear!

Amot said...

The add-on's election is scheduled 7:30 PM, but there are some other procedures before and after it so I am not sure when actual results will be announced!

Unknown said...

for those keen to be among the first to get any news - have a look at the blogs on the candidates websites.

even if there's no specific entry just check the comments on the latest one...

but i rather doubt it'll take more than a few minutes to get posted here^^

Galois said...

The AP has a nice article about the add-on selection process. I figure that in a state where there is one add-on selected at a state convention of delegates selected through a caucus system, one can expect (but not guarantee) that the add-on will be a supporter of whomever won the most state delegates. Texas, however, will be rather interesting. Obama will have more state delegates at the convention, but especially since Clinton won the primary there might be political pressure to split their add-ons. I was also wondering about California with its five add-ons. According to the AP article above, though, Art Torres the party chair who essentially gets to name the add-ons has said he intends to split them 3 for Clinton and 2 for Obama. Interesting to know.