Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clinton adds NH add-on delegate; Obama picks up super in AZ

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Clinton and Obama both picked up a new superdelegate today. First, New Hampshire:

Campaign says Clinton-supporter Kathy Sullivan, who headed the state’s Democratic Committee until last year, has been elected as the state’s add on super. -The Page
Here's Kathy Sullivan endorsement announcement. We've been told she was the only one nominated for the add-on position by State party chair Raymond Buckley. Sullivan is a former state chair, and she also won election today to a DNC position that starts after the convention is over. (So she'll be a superdelegate in 2012).
Buckley, a superdelegate whose allegiance remains a mystery, said his choice of Sullivan should not be seen as an indication of how he will vote. He said he made the offer long ago.

"It was before anybody had announced for president," Buckley said. "It was before Hillary or Obama had come to New Hampshire for their first trip, and it was a good ten months before she (Sullivan) decided to even be involved in the campaign." - Boston Globe

In Arizona, two superdelegates were selected today. First, for the vacant vice-chair position, Obama supporter Charlene Fernandez won the spot in an upset:
Though Harriet Young, Coconino County Democratic Party chair was nominated by the popular former state party chair, David Wade, and stood as the early favorite to fill one of two open superdelegate positions in the Arizona delegation to the Democratic National Convention, it was Charlene Fernandez who took the spot.- PolitickerAZ
Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard was selected as the add-on superdelegate from Arizona:
Goddard said he has not pledged support for either candidate yet. He said he is at least a few weeks away from making a decision.

"I look forward to attending the convention as our party comes together to kick some butt in the fall," he told an audience of more than 500 people at the downtown Wyndham Phoenix.

Still waiting to hear from New Mexico.

Will update all the table and numbers after all the states are in.


Dan Werner said...

Any word on how the NH delegate was selected? In a previous post you mentioned that it was up to the district-level delegates to decide (6 Clinton, 6 Obama, 2 Edwards)...but then you alluded to the possibility of the state chair submitting just one we know how it ultimately went down?

Matt said...

still trying to find out...

lompe said...

Terry Goddard has not endorsed anyone yet:

Matt said...


Derek said...

Diarist at dKos predicts that the NM add-on will be a Clinton supporter because 9 of the 10 officials who chose the add-on this morning are declared Clinton supporters. Color me skeptical.