Friday, August 22, 2008

Bill Gwatney's Widow To Serve As Superdelegate

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Democrats have sadly lost two superdelegates in the last 10 days, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Arkansas State Chair Bill Gwatney. But Gwatney's widow, Rebecca Gwatney, is setting an example for all of us:

The widow of slain state Democratic Party chairman Bill Gwatney will take his spot as a superdelegate to next week's Democratic National Convention in Denver, Gov. Mike Beebe said Thursday.

At Beebe's request, the state party's 47 delegates and six alternates voted Wednesday night to ask Rebecca Gwatney to fill the vacancy, party spokeswoman Darinda Sharp said. "I think it's wonderful," Sharp said. "I think the chairman would be proud and think there is nothing better than having Rebecca represent him."

In a statement released by the state Democratic Party, Rebecca Gwatney said she was honored to represent her husband at the convention. "I'm happy to do this in memory of my husband and his love of people," she said. "Bill loved helping and serving people. He wanted to make Arkansas better for everyone." - The Morning News