Monday, August 25, 2008

Convention News - Day 1

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Bruce Springsteen will not be playing the convention. Or maybe he will be - and BonJovi too.

and there still may be other surprises on Thursday.

and Obama may make a live video appearance on Monday night.

Michelle Obama will get a walk-through of the Pepsi Center stage Monday morning.

John Legend Scheduled to Premiere 'If You're Out There,' opening the convention on Monday.

Hillary Clinton to speak at Invesco........ well, in a private suite at a party on Tuesday night.

And some Clinton delegates are trying to get her the VP slot.

Bill Clinton wants to talk about the economy. But he's on "national security" theme night. He's not happy.

The Secret Service does not expect long lines at Pepsi Center or Invesco.

The networks have all their toys in place to cover the convention.

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is preparing for supporters to sleep outside of Invesco Field the night before he formally accepts the Democratic presidential nomination before more than 75,000 people. - CNN
We wrote on Friday whether 2008 is the end of the conventions as we know them. The NY Times says "Going, Going But Not Yet Gone".

Time Magazine profiles Matt Nugen, Obama's man in Denver. We wrote about Nugen in June, and noted that he was on the site-selection committee for the convention.

Ed Kilgore is also working behind the scenes in one of the convention rehearsal rooms.