Friday, August 01, 2008

Convention News

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A quick roundup of Democratic Convention news:

  • Hillary Clinton has asked not to be nominated at the convention
    Hillary Clinton has decided against being nominated for President at the Democrats' Denver convention, but many of her more die-hard partisans may vote for her anyway.

    A source close to the New York senator confirmed she won't file a formal request to the convention asking to be nominated along with Barack Obama, who eked out the victory in their fierce primary slugfest.
    A source familiar with discussions inside the Clinton camp told The
    News she may release those delegates when she speaks to the convention
    on Aug. 26.
    Other Clinton backers, however, worry that she could be embarrassed by
    a roll call because many of her delegates already have switched to
    Obama. - NY Daily News

  • A federal judge heard arguments yesterday from protest groups and security officials about the rules for protestors.
  • Turner Construction Superintendent Jake Coykendall provides some insight on construction progress at the Pepsi Center:

  • Google messes up the location of Denver's Wells Fargo theater, home of various convention events.
  • There are bloggers covering the convention? I hadn't heard that...
    More than 120 blogs will be credentialed through the convention, while other blogs will be credentialed by the U.S. Congressional Press Galleries. The broader list of blogs invited by the DNCC includes a number of Colorado sites: TalkLeft, The Colorado Independent, 2008 Democratic Convention Watch, Blogger News Network, Disaboom, Scholars & Rogues and Thought Theater.
  • Tickets for Obama's speech are not for sale at Ticketmaster. Don't waste your money.
  • NRCC: Going to the Republican convention is a "waste of time"
    The NRCC chief discouraged candidates from attending the national
    convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, saying that spending days there
    would be a “waste of time,” and they would be better off campaigning. - The Hill