Friday, August 08, 2008

Convention News

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- The Rocky Mountain News has details on how the ticket request process worked for Invesco

From 3 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, about 20 volunteers sat in a windowless room at the Pipefitters Local Union 208 in Denver taking calls.

Then, at 9 a.m. Thursday, volunteers again began taking ticket requests. Internet requests could be filled out overnight.

Each phone call took about five minutes. - RMN

- If you're coming to Denver remember we have less oxygen here
The Mile High City has 17 percent less oxygen than at sea level. Consequently, many conventioneers are likely to notice a shortness of breath. A few may suffer, for reasons researchers still don't quite understand, throbbing headaches. A fraction might get hit with what can feel like a no-booze hangover — headaches along with nausea and lethargy. - Denver Post
- Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski won't be attending the convention.
“He didn’t think being away from the office for a week would be worth it,” Taylor said. “And when he looked at how much it was going to cost his PAC to help get him and a staff member to the convention, he decided he’d rather give the money to House Democrats.”
- The FAA has issued a flight advisory for convention week.
Pursuant to 49 USC 40103(B), The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) classifies the airspace defined in these NOTAMs as "National Defense Airspace". Any person who knowingly or willfully violates the rules concerning operations in this airspace may be subject to certain criminal penalties under 49 USC 46307. Pilots who do not adhere to the following procedures may be intercepted, detained and interviewed by Law Enforcement/USSS/Security Personnel.

Be advised that noncompliance with the published NOTAM may result in the use of force.
- Obama begins his vacation in Hawaii today.
The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is expected to be accompanied by his wife and two daughters. The vacation will also feature a campaign fundraiser at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, estimated to pick up more than $1 million. - Star Bulletin
- The Secret Service is shopping for vehicle barriers for the convention
Officials with the the United States Secret Service are looking to purchase eight 16-foot wide mobile barriers to restrict access to traffic at the Pepsi Center during the Democratic National Convention in August. - Colorado Independent
- Dick Cheney will be speaking at the Republican National Convention after all
Under the plans announced today, Cheney would speak on Sept. 1, the same day that President Bush is scheduled to deliver a nighttime address. First Lady Laura Bush will also give her own short address that night, but she will not introduce her husband, White House officials have said. Mitchell said the time of Cheney's appearance remains to be decided. - WaPo
Detroit Mayor and superdelegate Kwame Kilpatrick just got himself into more trouble
Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick, already fighting eight felony charges including perjury, was charged Friday with two felony counts of assaulting or obstructing a police officer. - NY Times
- John Edwards admits to affair. Elizabeth Edwards still planning to speak at convention.

- Oprah Winfrey is renting a house for $50,000 during convention week.

A spokeswoman for Winfrey said she didn't know if the talk show host had rented a place in Denver to entertain guests.

"Her attendance at the convention has not been confirmed," said the spokeswoman, who didn't want her name to be published. - RMN