Thursday, August 14, 2008

Convention News

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- The hot ticket in Denver is Chicago Night in Denver.

- Oprah Winfrey will be in Denver for the convention.

- Notifications for tickets to Invesco begin today. Let us know if you got yours.

- Worried about the heat in Denver? The forecast calls for snow in the mountains tomorrow.

- Denver has setup a DNC Hotline. Just call 311 while you're in town.

- Denver businesses already seeing convention payoff.

- Construction on the Big Tent has started.

- The DCCC is asking people to host convention parties.

- Judge grants superdelegate Kwame Kilpatrick's request to attend the convention.

- Convention Protesters couldn't wait to get started.

Activists in Berkeley, Calif., who are planning to confront the Democratic National Convention this month are holding a rally today to protest a fenced-in “free speech zone” that is more than 700 feet away from the Pepsi Center in Denver, where the event will be held. - Colorado Independent
- Rolling Stone and Trojan will be hosting a party on opening night and 50 people have a chance to get tickets.
Now that's a party. Trojan, yes, the condom folks, and Rolling Stone magazine are hosting Evolve America - An Evening of Sex, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll featuring a 45-minute stand-up routine by political satirist Bill Maher from 8 p.m. to midnight Aug. 25 at the Sherman Events Center, the opening day of the Democratic National Convention here. - RMN

- It's funny how the more Bush's approval rating goes down, the more McCain's voting record backs him.