Monday, August 25, 2008

A Tribute to New Orleans

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Cross-posted from West Michigan Rising

Rather than have separate welcoming parties for each delegation, as originally planned, the Convention Committee decided to bring us all together in one group at the Colorado Convention Center. The theme was "A Tribute to New Orleans", focusing on the numerous groups and agencies which have contributed to the recovery efforts on the Gulf Coast, and not coincidentally, revisiting one of the most miserable debacles of the Bush Administration - the greatest disaster in American history, which he initially ignored to go have a birthday cake with John McCain.

It was a wonderful party, with great Cajun and Creole food, and Cajun and New Orleans music. I didn't catch all the names of the bands, but Randy Newman sang his signature 'Louisiana'.

I met new friends, and met up with old, and saw the most amazing diversity of Democrats imaginable. Almost every culture and nationality that makes up the great American 'salad bowl' is represented among our delegates.

I'm not going to post pictures, as Jeff did that below, but here is a quick quiz - What is the theme of this election?