Saturday, August 23, 2008

DCW Exclusive: Goody Bags!

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OK I've got two goody bags here; one from the DNC for all delegates, and one for members of the California delegation. I'm limited on time, so here's the DNC bag and it's contents.

Here are the contents, spread out across my bed at the Sheraton in downtown in Denver.

Ok let's see...

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - DNC edition! The noodles are little donkeys. So I guess that's "Ass and Cheese." Not nearly as appetizing but it's real Kraft so I'll probably eat it anyway.

Pedometer. From Astra Zeneca
Sanitizing gel with clip. Sponsored by Hogan & Hartson lawfirm
Joint Juice. Sponsored by Joint Juice.
Mints by UPS.
Mints by ProLogis real estate.
Chapstick by FedEx.
AT&T lapel pin and free ring tone card
Bunch of pens, one of which is made from recycled materials
A notebook.

And a lump of coal. Seriously. It's a stress ball thing that promotes "clean coal" (which I think sounds like a contradiction, but whatev).

There are also a lot of papers and brochures. One from the "Protecting America" group which is actually an audio pamphlet and came with earbuds. Shnazzy.

Not included in the bag but given to us upon arrival to the hotel: H2Obama water. Drink it and you're not just refreshed, but you're filled with hope!

Like I said there's also a California bag, which is actually *bigger* than the DNC bag. But I don't have time to go through that right now...I have got to go eat.

Update from Matt: As we wrote here last month, yes the bags have the Coke logo on them, and yes the convention will be in the Pepsi Center. You can't make this stuff up.