Friday, August 22, 2008

Democratic Podium Officially Unveiled

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The DNCC is holding an Open House for the public today and 9 News has some of the first pictures of the podium in all its glory.

Organizers of the Democratic National Convention gave us a sneak peak Friday morning inside the Pepsi Center which has made a full transformation from a sports arena to a political hot-spot.

Originally we were not to see the transformation until Monday when the convention kicks off but the Democratic National Convention Committee opened the doors early. Friday marks the official ribbon cutting and open house.

The set is a mix of patriotisms and high-end technology with video screens that actually curve out over the stage. A 600-person crew has been working on the project for months and some have even been on a 20-hour a day schedule to stay on track.

The DNCC has brought in upwards of 300,000 pounds of lights and speakers, so much so that the ceiling had to be reinforced to hold them.- 9News

You can see more pictures here

Update: The DNCC now has pictures