Wednesday, August 06, 2008

DNCC Announces Invesco Ticket Distribution

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Ticket distribution for Obama's Invesco Field Acceptance Speech was announced today at a press conference held by the DNCC.

DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry made the announcement with Governor Bill Ritter and Federico Pena.

Info up now here

- Half of seats will go to Colorado residents
- 2/3 of the seats will go to Mountain West residents.

Step One: Local Contact

Contact your local Campaign for Change between now and August 12 to request a Community Credential.

You’ll be asked for your basic contact information, how you plan to get to Denver, and where you plan to stay during the Convention.

Step Two: Notification

Starting on August 12th, your local Campaign for Change office will notify you via email or text message if you have been selected to receive a community credential. You’ll find out when and where to pick up your credential, and you’ll need to verify your travel arrangements. If you are not selected to receive a community credential, you’ll remain on a waiting list in case more spaces become available.

Step Three: Pick up your credential

You’ll need to present a valid photo ID when you pick up your credential at your local Campaign for Change distribution center. Once you’ve received a credential, you will need to activate it through an online, in-person, or phone activation process. Credentials must be activated by August 19th.

Step Four: Come to Denver

When you arrive at INVESCO Field at Mile High on Thursday, August 28th, you will need your activated community credential to pass through a security checkpoint. Please note: Community Credentials are valid on Thursday, August 28th. The above information does not apply to Convention delegates, alternate delegates, pages or guests credentialed for the Pepsi Center, as these individuals will be credentialed in the same way for INVESCO Field at Mile High.

Q: What is the deadline for applying for Community Credentials?

A: The deadline for applying is August 12. After that, people will start to be notified that they were selected to receive Community Credentials. Starting August 20, unused credentials will be cycled back through the system and offered to people signed up on the waiting list.

Colorado - (888) 468-7404
New Mexico - (505) 266-3556
Nevada - (702) 278-4626
Idaho - (208) 608-1083
Arizona, California, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Wyoming - (720) 362-2500
All other states can be found at the link above.

You can also register on the Obama website.