Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feinstein breaks ankle... won't attend convention

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California Sen. Dianne Feinstein issued a statement this afternoon saying she broke her ankle during a trail walk with Walnut Creek Rep. Ellen Tauscher at Lake Tahoe and won't be able to attend the convention in Denver next week.

Feinstein, 75, said the break occurred when she slipped last Friday on the Meeks Bay Trail in the Tahoe forest, just before the Tahoe Summit. Feinstein said her doctor has advised against travel for now, "and so, regretfully, I am unable to attend what will surely be an historic convention in Denver.I was very much looking forward to chairing the California Delegation, and I offer my best wishes to California's delegates in this vital nomination process." - SFGate
Tough break.

And Obama has a cold...
Obama is still sick. He looks and sounds much worse than yesterday. He walked in with a hankie or tissue in hand but put it away to shake hands of each tech person helping with satellite interview.

Your pooler, after being treated with handshake, asked if he was feeling better and he said, "Not really."

Obama told me it's "a minor head cold" and repeated his line from Albuquerque yesterday: "It's what happens when you hang around children." - Politico