Saturday, August 16, 2008

GOP Nevada delegation controversy

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Back in July we wrote about how the Ron Paul forces in Nevada threw such a monkey wrench into the proceedings that the Nevada Republican party has to cancel their originally scheduled state convention, and then canceled the rescheduled convention due to lack of interest.

Well, apparently the chaos in Nevada has gotten to the point where right now there is no Nevada delegation to the GOP convention:

Citing flaws in the selection process, a key Republican National Committee panel on Friday recommended that neither of Nevada's two dueling delegations be seated at the party's national convention in September.

The Republican National Committee's contest panel rejected both a group backed by supporters of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, as well as a delegation appointed by the state party, according to a source who had read the panel's ruling but did not want to be named discussing it before it was formally submitted to the RNC.
The committee's recommendation throws into question the status of a 34-member delegation from a key swing state that likely Republican nominee John McCain has been working hard to turn his way. It also set off a series of negotiations between state and national GOP officials over how to resolve a complicated dispute with an embarrassing origin for the state party.
Two Ron Paul posts in a row. The more confusion in St. Paul, the better!