Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hotel confirmations for delegates just assigned!

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(pictured above is the Texas delegation hotel. Some reviews of the hotel on the internet are a little scary)

This may seem trivial but I was stressing. And, I am way laid back.

Just last night I got my hotel confirmation for the convention. I was beginning to worry since I registered back in June. Would I have to sleep on a couch or a park bench? Put an ad out on Craigslist? Party officials had mentioned since mid July that confirmations were coming in a few days.
The Texas delegation has the honor of staying at the Red Lion Hotel - Denver Southwest (Aurora). This assignment has probably something to do with being the home state of George W. On our state delegation conference calls, several delegates have raised concerns over the hotel's ratings. Trip Advisor reviewers give it a 2.5! Trip Advisor ratings always tend to be a little dramatic. Check out the reviews at

It will be interesting to see how well our high profile Texas delegates manage at a hotel. I can't imagine that some of them will be with us, however, you must be at the delegation breakfast each day to get your credentials for the day. I visited with our state party chair a couple weeks ago and he and his wife commented that it will be a nice place. They went on a tour of the hotel a couple weeks ago.

If you are interested to learn where each state delegation is assigned, go to

I will be hanging out at the Adam's Mark hotel bar. That's where the New York and California delegations will be staying!
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