Saturday, August 23, 2008

Invesco tickets available on Craiglist

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There are a good half-dozen offers on Craigslist to sell tickets to Obama's speech on Thursday night. Some are by people who say they can't make it, and don't want to see the seat empty. Others seem to just want to make some money. (The highest asking price we've seen is $300/ticket, but most ads don't list a price). But in all cases, as expected, there's no identifying information on the offer, name or ticket ID, so there's no way for the DNCC to deactivate them as they have said they will.

What remains an open question is whether the DNCC will be checking IDs at Invesco to match up names against tickets. I find it hard to believe that they'll actually be setup to do that at Invesco - seems like a major logistical challenge - but it's still unclear. We've contacted the DNCC for more information, but have not heard back from them.