Monday, August 04, 2008

McCain to Cheney: Go &!$% Yourself!

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Apparently the McCain campaign thought having Bush speak on Monday was enough. They've decided that they're not going to invite Dick Cheney to speak at all. I guess the Xcel Energy Center isn't big enough for two grumpy old men.

Vice President Dick Cheney will not make an appearance at the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul next month, according to sources in his office. Cheney has not sought a speaking slot at the convention, nor has his staff sought a role for him at the convention.

The McCain campaign has not gone out of its way to reach out to Cheney, though a segment of conservative Republicans had been pressing the campaign to include Cheney in the convention agenda.

"Conservatives still think highly of him and are enthusiastic supporters whenever he speaks," says a leading conservative who has spoken to the campaign about Cheney. "For a campaign that has largely failed in reaching out to conservatives, reaching out to Cheney wouldn't be a bad idea."

McCain and Cheney famously do not get along, and with McCain's focus being almost exclusively on attracting independents and women to the polls, it's not a surprise that engaging Cheney isn't on the top of his list. - American Spectator
When asked for a comment McCain said "Get off my lawn!"