Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More speakers announced

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Monday night will focus on introducing Obama to America from the people he knows. Several past and present colleagues have been added to the lineup.

When Alexi Giannoulias was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago in the mid-1990s, one of the guys he would play pick-up basketball games with in Hyde Park was Barack Obama, who taught at the U. of C. law school.

Now Giannoulias is the Illinois state treasurer and Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee. Obama has been "like a mentor to me," Giannoulias told me. He will be one of the parade of Chicagoans who will speak at the Democratic convention Monday night, when Obama's family and friends tell the story of Obama's life.

Michelle Obama is Monday's prime time speaker, and she will be introduced by her brother, Craig Robinson, who grew up with her on Chicago's South Side.

"I want people throughout the country to know the Barack Obama I know," said Giannoulias. Giannoulias --who won a tough primary with Obama's endorsement -- is a surrogate -- stumping in half dozen states; a major fund-raiser, on Obama's National Finance Committee, which means collecting at least $250,000 and a primary day basketball buddy. - Chicago Sun Times

The article also mentions that Tammy Duckworth will probably be chosen to fill Obama's Senate seat if when he wins.