Monday, August 25, 2008

Oreo Speaks

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As Matt mentioned in This is It, our own Oreo was interviewed by the Washington Post. And yes, for those of you who only knew him as his cookie avatar, the photo to the left is a more reasonable facsimile.

There are a few things that the Post didn't ask him. He and I had tried to sit down for a DCW interview, but we could only briefly mesh our schedules, so here is a bit of additional information:

I had asked him where he'd be sitting and he told me that bloggers would be in the upper level, except for the state bloggers who will sit with their state delegations. However, they will be getting floor passes on a rotating basis.

Oreo will be carrying around a camera, video camera, laptop "and my trusty blackberry" so he can keep us all informed about what he sees and does.

When I asked him what he was most looking forward to, Oreo was still compiling his personal list from the multitude of choices listed here on DCW, but he was already happily committed to the Rolling Stone Show with Bill Maher, and the luncheon with Annette Bening.

And yes, he's all set on shoes...