Friday, August 15, 2008

Please don't come to Denver

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Brent Colburn, an Obama Michigan campaign spokesman, on whether embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should attend the convention:

“Many Michigan families are struggling as a result of the failed policies and old politics that John McCain wants to continue. The focus of our convention to people back here in Michigan should be on Barack Obama and how the party intends to get America back on track, not a distraction involving the troubles of one individual,” Colburn said in a statement released this afternoon. - Detroit Free Press.
Turns out Kilpatrick, who is facing 10 felony charges, won't have any decision to make. At the end of a day of legal twists:
36th District Judge Ronald Giles put into writing his earlier order in the assault case to limit Kilpatrick's travel to Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. His order did not grant Kilpatrick an exception to attend the convention .- Detroit Free Press
Kilpatrick remains a superdelegate to the convention, but will not be voting, and the rules do not provide for a proxy.