Friday, August 22, 2008

Raising the Bar

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We all remember the "Incredible Moving Metric" from the primaries, and it looks like the Republicans are trying to bring it back again in the form of lofty expectations:

The Johnny McCondo campaign is stating that Obama will get a 15-point bounce from the convention, because, ya know, that way a 7-point bounce can be seen as a "disappointment."

I can't even think of the last Superbowl that was won by 15 points.

This comes from the same campaign that a ran a commercial of Obama and Brittney Spears, basically proving that one will ever like Johnny McCondo and we should feel sorry for the guy and thereby elect him fearless leader of the world.

Wonkette puts it best in that moving metrics didn't really work the in the primaries, probably not a good strategy to use in a high-stakes general election...

The Obama campaign hit back, saying along the lines of "oh yeah well our percentage bump will be equal to the number of houses you have, or something." So there! Good times.