Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rumor going around that a Fire Marshall is here

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The Pepsi Center is packed. The aisle on the floor behind the delegations is completely blocked by people. I can count only about 20 empty delegation seats. What happens if it's decided the bowl is over capacity?

Although the night is moving along slowly there's a constant buzz from the crowd.
You'd think something big is coming up ;)

Update from Matt: Fire Marshall's have closed convention halls in the past - most usually on Thursday night. When they close the hall, it doesn't matter what color your credential is.


There are massive lines at the main guest and delegate magnetometer checkpoint at this hour. It's a widely known but little reported fact that many delegates, most guests, and nearly all donors choose to attend only the primetime hours.
10:15 ET update from PBS NewsHour Twitter: "floor access closed unless you have a seat."

10:23 ET update from PoliticsWest Twitter: "
Pepsi Center closed off by fire marshall because it's too full"