Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some of us won't be there...for good reason

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As Democrats arrive in Denver, there are many who will not be attending because, for various reasons, our place is at home. For some of us, it has to do with organizing volunteers, running voter registration drives, canvassing, and holding acceptance speech watching parties.

For some of us, there is a desire to miss NOT ONE DAY on the campaign trail.

Call out to Walt Minnick, Democratic candidate for Congress from the Idaho 1st. I've written about Walt before, here and here. I keep saying that you wouldn't expect there to be a contested race in a place like Idaho, but this is a transformational year.

While there is no polling data available yet, I've just spoken with John Foster, Communications Director, and he told me that they are out there on a daily basis, meeting with voters, and doing events. He pointed out that if they win, this will be the most conservative district IN THE COUNTRY with a Democratic Congressperson.

In addition to the good money news I've previously mentioned, and the obvious disconnect Bill Sali has with the rest of the Republican Party, the Minnick campaign has been running TV ads for the past 5 weeks, while Sali has been running none.