Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still no roll call game plan announced

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If there's been a decision as to how exactly the roll call will play out tomorrow, no one has bothered to tell the delegates:

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter backed Clinton in the primary, but said he still isn't clear if he's supposed to vote for her in Wednesday's roll call of the states due to what he called a lack of clarity from either the Clinton or Obama camps about the roll-call process.

"Just tell me what you want me to do," he said in an Associated Press interview, throwing up his hands and rolling his eyes. - AP
Here's one take on what might happen:
According to a source close to the negotiations, the roll call will proceed and Clinton's vote totals will be tabulated until the call of the states reaches New York. At that point, when Clinton's home state is called, the New York senator or her a prominent supporter will move to make Obama the unanimous choice of the convention. - Seattle PI
And here's another:
The move being worked out between the Obama campaign and officials behind Clinton's suspended bid, would work in two parts: Delegates would cast votes at their hotels Wednesday morning; that night, at the Pepsi Center convention site, the roll-call process would rely on the votes cast that morning, the delegates said.
The evening event would call on the delegation from Illinois, which Obama serves as the junior senator, and then move to New York, which Clinton represents.

After New York delegates applaud Clinton's long-fought and historic candidacy, a motion would be made to accept the votes cast at breakfast. - Denver Post
It just doesn't make sense that this is still up in the air. Yes, it's a difficult needle to thread, but what are they waiting for?

(Picture above of Clinton rehearsing her speech earlier today)