Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday with the Senators -- Brief Edition

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And what a great week it’s been!

In case you missed it, there is some interesting information on the lack of job performance on the part of the Senior Senator from Arizona. Seems he hasn’t been showing up.

In Alaska, Mark Begich (D) is now up by 13. The most interesting thing to remember about Ted Stevens is not just that he’s the longest serving Republican Senator, but that he’s served since 1968, and Alaska has only BEEN a state since 1959. But this appears to be a lock for the Democrats.

Down in North Carolina, Liddy Dole is still slipping in the polls. The DSCC has a nice ad up, and it’s just the beginning of that $6.5 million ad blitz.

Plus there is still that pesky problem about actually having to live in the district/state one represents. And that doesn’t include the Watergate for Senator Dole.

New on the radar – Idaho. I’ve told you about the House race – but suddenly also the Senate race is on the radar. Kos commissioned a poll, and found that Larry LaRocco (D) is only polling 10 points behind Jim Risch. In 2002, Larry “Wide Stance” Craig took this with 65% of the vote. And remember, that spread still has 17% undecided, and 5% for a far-right third party candidate.

I hear 60......singing in the wind......