Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday with the Senators - Olympics I Edition

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You might have assumed that the big Senate news in the national media this week would have been the indictment of Ted Stevens. It’s not every day that a US Senator gets indicted. The last time was in 1994, when Kay Bailey Hutchison was indicted for actions occurring before she was elected to the Senate. But since his indictment on 29 July, except for an occasional piece, the whole situation seems to have fallen off the radar. Sure, Rasmussen polled just after, showing Mark Begich (D) up 13 points, but that’s about it.

Down in Mississippi, Roger Wicker is having his problems. It appears that he approves ads, but doesn’t actually watch them, nor know the content. I think he and John McCain are attending the same “Um….pause….huh” school of response.