Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why We Vote Democratic

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There has been a lot of discussion here, and elsewhere, about Democrats who plan to vote for John McCain this fall. It's a big tent discussion, it's a Convention discussion. Sometimes, though, there is something that arises which should bring us ALL together, and remind us of why we Democrats are so different from those Republicans.

John McCain said yesterday that he agreed that the draft would need to be brought back. Certainly, there are Democrats who agree with that, but for different reasons. Charlie Rangel has said over the years that we should bring back the draft so that white kids will die at the same rate of minority kids. (I have no source, but I heard him speaking on that topic over the years.) His thrust there is to prevent war. McCain though, needs a draft to "fund with bodies" all the wars he wants to fight in Asia, Europe and who knows where else.

Shout out to Mike Gravel, 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate, who fought with all he had (including a filibuster) back in '71 to stop conscription.

Here is John McCain: