Thursday, August 07, 2008

Clinton's web chat and recent communications

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This week we have heard a great deal from Hillary. Her campaign has sent at least three emails this week and she has been visible in her support for Sen. Obama. Today, her website offered an interesting web chat that gave some insight on what she is up to.

Sen. Clinton's website hosted a web chat located at

The full content is on the link above. She commented on issues she is working on, her future, working with Sen. Obama and the Democratic National Convention. Here are the 12 questions she answered:

Question #1: What are you working on now
Question #2: What goals do you have for yourself during the next four years both professionally and personally?
Question #3: From a high school student: I want to go into law one day as my major what is the best piece of information you can give me? The second one is what wanted you to go into politics?
Questions #4: I want to say if he does ask you to be his VP you should and you would make a great vice president Mrs. Clinton:)
Question #5: One of the main reasons that I voted for Hillary is her plans for healthcare. Can you make a comment on how healthcare carried out in the next administration?
Question #6: Special thanks to you for your leadership in the birth control issue! What is the prospect for the paid family leave bill the house is taking up?
Question #7: Hey Hillary, My 12 year old daughter and I are sitting here, waiting anxiously, for each reply. Love you!!!!!!
Question #8: As a college student (one of your biggest student supporters; Go Hillary!) I am wondering what you and Senator Obama feel is the best course of action to deal with rising tuition costs and continued cuts to the higher education budget. (It's gotten really bad here in California-thousands of teachers losing their jobs, tuition costs rising, funding disappearing).
Question #9: Are you truly supporting Senator Obama and encouraging your supporters to do the same or are you just saying what you have to?Question #10As a college student who is participating in his first presidential election, your candidacy really brought to my attention to and energized me about the great things that can be accomplished through our political process. Now that, unfortunately, your candidacy is over, and since you (reading your biography) were able to accomplish so much during your collegiate years: What would you suggest college-aged Americans do to become more involved in the American politcal system, aside from voting?Question #11 Good Morning Senator Clinton: Thank you for taking time to chat with your supporters. Is there any possibility of your name being placed in nomination for President at the convention? This would at least give your supporters a voice in the choice for the party's nominee.
Question #12 Hillary, I hope that we will be able to talk with you at the Convention in Denver! Please consider meeting with us -- YOUR supporters!