Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Series on Delegate Lodging - How much time were you going to spend in your hotel anyway?

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As a public service to my fellow Democrats coming to Denver I am going to start checking out some of the delegation hotels in and around Denver. After Jeff Strater's not so glowing remarks about the Red Lion Denver Southeast I decided to drive over and take a look.

Delegates from Texas and American Samoa... this one is for you.

You know how when you first walk into a hotel you get a pretty good idea what you're in for?
When I walked in my initial reaction that it was nicer than I thought it would be. It could have smelled a little better (not sure if something went wrong in the restaurant kitchen or if it always smells that way) but over all it looks pretty nice.

There's no doubt the hotel needs a makeover. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to come a little too late for the delegates.

The carpet and walls are what you'd expect from a hotel in need of a makeover. Lots of mirrors and wood paneling and ridiculously ugly carpets.

The hotel has two towers. The first tower is 8 stories tall and the other is 11 stories. The following pictures were taken from the 11th floor and give you an idea of what surrounds the hotel (highways)...
...and how far it is from Downtown Denver (far).

I wasn't able to get into a room to see what kind of shape they're in. Like I said in the title... how much time were you going to spend at your hotel anyway?