Monday, August 11, 2008

Convention News

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- We're only 2 weeks away from the start of the convention

- John and Elizabeth Edwards will not be going to the convention.

- Chelsea Clinton may not introduce her mother after all.

- McCain will speak with people behind him at the Republican Convention. Their original choice was a large green background but they decided against it.

- We're adding new events to our DemConWatch Convention Calendar every day. If you click on Agenda or Day you can see all of the events better.

- The Rocky Mountain News is running a great series called Unconventional Wisdom.

Some of the most compelling figures from the past ten Democratic National Conventions offer their lessons for Barack Obama and Denver in a series that runs daily Monday-Friday, concluding Aug. 22.
- Perennial announces a series of events during convention week. Guests include, Chris Tucker, Martin Luther King III and others. All events have been added to our calendar.

- Metro State University of Denver hosts online convention course.
The course will include discussion boards, live and recorded video interviews, articles and documents regarding key issues, mock party platform exercise, and discussion/essay topics. In addition, learners will be asked to gather and contribute content to the course. Acting as reporters exploring the main political discourse at the DNC, learners will be encouraged to interview DNC Delegates or other prominent politicians and share any video or audio of the interview with other course participants.
- Protesters are suing to get closer to the Republican National Convention
Two newly filed lawsuits in Ramsey County District Court claim that St. Paul city and police officials are restricting free speech rights by confining demonstrators to a designated assembly area. The lawsuits cover the same ground, with one calling the public viewing area near the Xcel Energy Center "inadequate and unacceptably small." - USA Today
- Ohio for Change presents Barns for Obama