Sunday, August 24, 2008

Denver Day #1 (8/23/08)

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Today started bright and early as we (Sheri, Monique & I) departed Ted Steven's International Airport bright and early at 12:05 am. I wonder how that will read after the Ted's legal matters are fully investigated?

We arrived here in Denver after a pleasant straight through flight at 7:09 am Denver time. One of the most impressive things we discovered on our first day was how much attention the DNC put into assisting disabled delegate. Kudos to those in charge. There was someone there to meet us as we got off the airplane and another to assist us with getting to our proper transportation from the airport to the hotel. The DNC sent us a great taxi cab totally accessible with plenty of safety features.
We all felt very safe and the driver was kind enough to offer us bottled water. We declined but appreciated the gesture as we had been told of the importance of staying hydrated in the Mile High City. Coming from a place that is not far above sea level we certainly appreciated the gesture.

Shortly after arriving at our hotel we were greeted with the news that Senator Joe Biden (D) from Delaware had been selected as Senator Obama's running mate. I could not have been more thrilled. I think Biden is an excellent choice. He shore's up the perceived lack of experience many have forged upon Obama. Having been in the Senate since 1972
with special interest in Foreign Policy there can be little doubt of what he adds to the Democratic ticket. His recent trip to Georgia proved his credibility on the international stage. Good move Obama!
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We spent the rest of the day getting familiar with the terrain. We checked out the
local sites and transportation options. I LOVE the light
rail system. Many of you know my interest in public transit and Denver does it right! Five minutes away from our hotel is a light rail station which within twenty minutes gets us downtown where the bulk of Convention activities takes place. I love that!

We managed to snap a few photos which I have posted here. More to come in the next days. One of the things that really has stood out was how tight security is. We could hardly turn a corner without running into a swat team, police on foot, on bicycle, or on motorcycles. Security is at a premium to say the least.

Although official activities are not scheduled to start until Monday the
25th, we have several functions to attend tomorrow including meetings with the National Federation of Democratic Women, an American Federation of Teachers luncheon, an AFL-CIO meeting and the afternoon finishes up with an event sponsored by John Conyers, dedicated to discussing Obama's position on the Civil Rights Movement past and present. (Does McCain have such a position?)

Well I'm signing off for now, more to come tomorrow. Go Obama/Biden :-)