Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC Youth Council

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I'm at a press conference being held by the DNC Youth Council at the Colorado Convention Center.

Over 6 million young people voted during this year's primaries. There are 631 young delegates and 118 alternates here for the convention this year. In the short time I've been downtown today it's very obvious that the DNC realizes the importance of the youth vote.

Speakers from the Young Democrats of America, Students for Obama, Democrats Work, Living Liberally among others are here today to talk about their organizations.

A couple of superdelegates are also speaking. Lauren Wolfe, President of the College Democrats of America, David Hardt, President of YDA and Jason Rae, co-chair of the DNC Youth Council and youngest superdelegate are part of the panel.

A great resource for more information on the youth vote is Future Majority. which has been covering the youth vote for several years.