Thursday, August 07, 2008

Invesco ticket request phone numbers favor swing states

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If you look at all of the phone numbers on the DNCC's Community Credentials page for Invesco Field you may notice something odd. Some states have local numbers while others have the number (720) 362-2500 which is a Denver DNCC number.

Now if you look closer at who has local numbers and who has the DNCC number you'll quickly see a pattern.

Here are all of the states that have their own local or toll-free number:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Dakota

You don't have to be a political junkie to see what's going on. All of these states are either swing states or have a slim chance to flip from Republican to Democratic in this year's election.

States like California, Maryland, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts have to dial (720) 362-2500. Likewise solidly red states outside of the Mountain West area like Mississippi, South Carolina and Oklahoma also dial the (720) 362-2500 number. Hawaii strangely enough is the only solidly Democratic state that has its own local number.

DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry did say yesterday that 1/2 of the tickets will go to Colorado and 2/3 will go to Mountain West States (including Colorado). Are a certain number of tickets being given to individual states?

Thanks to Brilliant Politics for pointing out that most Northeast states dial the same number.

Here's a press release that just came out from the Obama Campaign:
The Colorado Campaign for Change announced this afternoon that more than 60,000 Coloradans from across the Rocky Mountain state have requested community credentials to take part in the historic final night of the Democratic National Convention at Invesco Field.

“This incredible response and excitement shows that there is a huge appetite for change in Colorado,” said Anne Filipic, the General Election Director for the Campaign for Change.

Due to demand, which has exceeded community seating capacity, the campaign will now place Coloradans who request community credentials on a waitlist. Coloradans can request to be placed on the waitlist online at or by stopping by a Campaign for Change office.

Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change is building a large grassroots organization in Colorado. With thousands of new supporters, Obama’s Campaign for Change continues to grow and reach out to Coloradans in every county across
the state.