Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is this enough to dump Lieberman?

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We've seen reason after reason from Joseph Lieberman to warrant losing his position as chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Hopefully today's news will be the last straw.

Joseph I. Lieberman is slated to speak to the Republican convention on its opening night next month, according to two Republican sources familiar with the planning.

The Democrat-turned-independent will appear on stage at St. Paul on Monday, the “service” night of the convention.

The news comes as evidence strongly suggests Lieberman is under consideration to be McCain’s running mate. Well-placed sources warned, however, not to overinterpret the night of Lieberman’s address. The vice presidential nominee is to address the convention Wednesday, but, as with the Democratic convention, the speaking slots for the contenders may change depending on who is tapped. -
Ousting Lieberman and forcing him to finally become the Republican that he is would not cause the Democrats to lose their Senate Majority.

Republican leaders decided not to seek special language spelling out the terms of a transition in case of a power shift -- say, if Johnson vacates his post and his state's GOP governor appoints a Republican to replace him. Under that scenario, power would effectively shift to Republicans, because Cheney would provide the tiebreaking 51st vote. But for Republicans to take parliamentary control, the Senate would have to vote for new organizational rules, a move Democrats could filibuster.

A similar scenario unfolded in January 2001, when a 50-50 Senate convened. In 2001, Democrats demanded a "kick-out clause" in organizing negotiations that would automatically scrap agreements on committee ratios and funding levels and force new organizational rules. But Republicans decided this month against a confrontation that would come from demanding a similar clause. - WaPo

Come on Senator Reid... give us a present before the convention starts.