Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Live from Minneapolis St. Paul

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Two years ago we noted that Denver's bid for the Democratic Convention included a possibility that the fourth night could be held at Invesco Field, a little nugget which turned out to be true.

So let's again go back two years into the DemConWatch archives and see what other nuggets we find:

If the Democratic National Convention comes to these Twin Cities in 2008, the network anchors will have a terrible time figuring out exactly where they are. And that could be a very good thing for St. Paul.

The convention headquarters would be in Minneapolis. Many events and organizations would be based at the Minneapolis Convention Center and at downtown Minneapolis hotels. But the actual Democratic National Convention — the main evening event, where the party nominates candidates for president and vice president and politicians orate as if microphones haven't
been invented — would be at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

"This is Katie Couric, reporting from Minneapol- … from Minnesot- … from St. Paul."
The above is from the TwinCities Pioneer Press, and while the source is gone, that writer was amazingly prescient, even if he got the political party wrong. Today:
CBS News anchor Katie Couric mistakenly said on the air last week that "the mother of all appearances will be in Minneapolis in September -- when McCain accepts his party's nomination."

On Monday night, Couric 'fessed up to her mistake and expressed "apologies to the people of St. Paul" when signing off her telecast.

Click here to see Couric's apology.

An anchor from New York, OK. But certainly not a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota. No way a local Republican would make such a mistake. No way.