Thursday, August 14, 2008

Warehouse holding cells ready for convention protests

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Denver is preparing for convention protests by constructing holding cells in warehouses north of the city.

The newly created lockup is on the northeast side of Denver. Protesters have already given this place a name: "Gitmo on the Platte."

Inside are dozens are metal cages. They are made out of chain link fence material and topped by rolls of barbed wire.

"This is a secured environment," Capt. Frank Gale of the Denver Sheriff's Department told CBS4. "We're concerned about how that's going to be utilized by people who will be potentially disruptive." - CBS 4 Denver
The Rocky Mountain News is reporting today that the cells will only be used for holding people temporarily.

It won't be used for any long- term detention, and prisoners won't be kept for more than a few hours, authorities said.

Officials said they decided to build the facility because of the huge number of visitors expected and the intentions of some protesters to be arrested.

The sheriff's department has written letters to residents and businesses in the neighborhood explaining that no detainees will be released into the neighborhood even if they are able to post bail at the temporary center. - RMN

(Picture from Westword. Click here to see more including the photographer's harrowing escape from a "sketchy black truck".)