Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rock the Convention

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Rock the Vote has just announced their Ballot Bash concert with Fall Out Boy and Jakob Dylan.

Washington, D.C. – Later this month, Rock the Vote will kick off our 2008 Democratic and Republican Convention activities with “Ballot Bash,” a star-studded event showcasing the power of the youth vote in the 2008 Presidential election. The Monday night concert in Denver, Colorado will feature world-class musical acts including: FALL OUT BOY and Jakob Dylan.

Don’t miss the action as guests, delegates, young adults, politicians and celebrities come together to rock the night away!

Monday, August 25th 2008
Ballot Bash Concert: 10pm –12am MT
After Party: 12am – 2am MT

Ellie Caulkins Opera House
Denver Performing Arts Complex
Denver, Colorado

More than 2,500 guests will experience a live concert in the world-class acoustical Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The show will feature exclusive performances and collaboration by marquee artists including FALL OUT BOY and Jakob Dylan.

The party continues as 400 guests head to the official after party featuring Nick Cannon on the turntables with hottest VIPS and celebrity guests filling the room.
“Young people are critical in choosing the next President. As all eyes are on Denver and St. Paul, Rock the Vote will be front and center amplifying the voices of young Americans and ensuring that both candidates and campaigns are paying attention,” says Heather Smith Executive Director, Rock the Vote.

There is a political youth movement happening in the country right now. Young people hit the polls in record numbers this primary season and will carry that momentum to Election Day this November. Already in 2008, more than one million people have used Rock the Vote’s online tool to register to vote and by November, Rock the Vote will have registered more than two million 18-29 year olds through online, broadcast, and grassroots outreach.

Rock the Vote will be in Denver and St. Paul representing the 44 million eligible young voters. Through Ballot Bash and our other events at the conventions, we aim to make sure the political world knows that the time has come for young adults’ voices to be heard.