Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paciolan Strikes Again!

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If you lived in Denver last year during "Rocktober" you probably tried to get tickets to the World Series and like millions of others failed miserably.

This morning pre-sale tickets became available for E-Town's convention concert with James Taylor, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Ani DiFranco. It became quickly apparent that Paciolan is just as bad as it was last year.

We're sorry, the system is currently down for maintenance.

Please try again later. To place an order by telephone, please contact our box office at (303) 893-4000 or 1-800-641-1222. For group sales, please call (303) 446-4829.
So now I wait on hold with less and less of a chance for tickets with every second that ticks by.

The email announcing the pre-sale gave the promotion code in lowercase letters and specifically said it was case-sensitive. Problem is that when you click submit the browser changes it to caps.

Update: Wow! I actually got 2 tickets over the phone!

Update II: Just got this in my Inbox
Dear Etown Members,


As of noon on 8/12, the DCPA Box Office still cannot process internet orders for the presale to our 8/26 taping at the Temple Buell Theater. To order presale tickets using the promotional code, please call the DCPA box office at this number: 303-893-4000 (or 1-800-641-1222 long distance)

Presale ticket quantities are running low! You may wish to phone now.

More tickets will be released to the general public Thurs. 8/14 at 10am MDT.