Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday Speaking Schedule announced

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From the DNCC, Speakers for Tuesday night:

Convention Co-Chair Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius
Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano

Governors Ted Strickland of Ohio
Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania

Senator Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania
Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts

Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana
Federico Peña, former Mayor of Denver and Secretary of both Energy and Transportation

And of course, as annouced earlier:

Mark Warner, former Governor of Virginia, will deliver the Convention’s keynote address, and Senator Hillary Clinton, who is a champion for working families and one of the most effective and empathetic voices in the country today, will be the headline prime-time speaker on Tuesday night.
A couple of notes. First, do not read anything into the fact that Sebelius has been given a speaking spot. I would expect all the potential VP candidates to be given scheduled speaking slots. The schedulers for the convention have no inside information on the VP choice.

Second, remember that almost all of these speakers, except for Clinton, will not be seen on the broadcast networks. It's possible they might try to squeeze in Warner at 10:01, have him give a 15 minute keynote, and have Clinton on at 10:25 or so for a full 30 minutes. But I think a more likely scenario will be to have a major figure introduce Clinton - and say great things about her for 15 minutes. Then have Clinton come on - let all the Clinton delegates, and everyone else, for that matter, yell and scream for a bit, and then let her do her stuff. I fully expect her to give a speech that she, Obama, and the whole Democratic party will be very proud of.