Friday, August 01, 2008

What Advice Does Silicon Valley Have For Obama and The Democrats Before The Convention?

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Last Friday from the date of this writing, I attended my first TechCrunch party. TechCrunch is a blog founded by Michael Arrington who started as a high-tech / Internet lawyer, then created this online way to track what was happening in "Web 2.0". That resulted in many parties and also a function for startups to present their offerings. Out of this came companies like Twitter and Facebook, which many of you in America use.

What do these people have to say to the Democrats at the eve of the Democratic Convention? I asked many at this video I created at the party, which also serves as an intro to the World of Bay Area Tech culture. But for those Dems watching, it's a good measure of what they will be looking for in the party platform and also in how the party presents issues.