Sunday, August 24, 2008

What song should introduce Obama?

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Westword gives their top ten (really 11) choices for the song Obama will enter Invesco to:

10 (tie). “Obama is Here,” by Ludacris
10 (tie). “99 Problems,” by Jay-Z
9. “What's Going On,” by Marvin Gaye
8. “Talkin' About a Revolution,” by Tracy Chapman
7. “The Times They Are A-changin',” by Bob Dylan
6. “Won't Back Down,” by Tom Petty
5. “Changes,” by David Bowie
4. “Pink Houses,” by John Mellencamp
3. “Waiting on the World to Change,” by John Mayer
2. "The Rising," by Bruce Springsteen
1. “Uptight (Everything's Alright),” by Stevie Wonder

The best I saw was Mike Dukakis coming into the Omni in Atlanta in 1988 to Neil Diamond's "(Coming) to America", which Dukakis had used as a theme song during his campaign. The Omni was a small arena, and the whole place was rocking out.

Below, the end of Dukakis' speech: