Thursday, May 08, 2008

2008 Democratic Convention Watch Merchandise

WE'VE MOVED! Democratic Convention Watch is now at

Have you had an empty feeling every morning while drinking your coffee? We think we have a solution for you! A 2008 Democratic Convention Watch Coffee Mug!

And anytime you look at the clock wondering how much longer the Democratic Primaries will last... wouldn't you feel better looking at a DCW Clock?

You can access the DCW story by clicking on the link at the top left or by clicking here. And if we see anybody wearing any DCW paraphernalia during the convention we'll feature you on the site!

Hope you like them!

Update: If you think you can do better send us your 2008 Democratic Convention Watch Logo. The winner will get a prize pack including Oreos and souvenirs from the convention in August and souvenirs from past conventions. Please email you submission to dem con watch - at- google groups dot com


Dante said...

Brad Miller (NC-13) endorses Obama! Time to update the list :-)

_libby_ said...

Very cool items Matt, but I think you need a nifty logo to add to those things.

Let's have a logo contest here with the winner getting a pack of oreos! I've won three statewide logo contests, so I'll enter if Oreo sends the cookies! ;)

Oreo said...

If that's all you're asking for you're on. We'll even throw in a souvenir from the convention to the winner.

Matt said...

I'll throw in a couple of souvenirs from past conventions!

_libby_ said...

You two guys are so awesome!

If I send a logo, there is NO way I would really want you to send anything!! I was only joking about the oreos.

I haven't set down to sketch out anything yet, but the first thing that popped into my mind when I looked at the "2008 Democratic Convention Watch" title was--

--- (don't laugh... NONE of you.. LOL..!!) --- but what I pictured was a super cute donkey looking through his binoculars at a "Welcome to Denver" sign (with a huge smile on his mug) and he'll be wearing a 2008 Democratic Convention Watch t-shirt. :)

The reason I thought it would be a neat logo is..

The adorable cartoon donkey will be representing Democrats, he'll be looking through his binoculars because he's "on the watch" (Democratic Convention WATCH) and he'll be wearing your items because - - - well - because he's IN STYLE!

Anyway, after I draw something up, I'll contact you to ask where to send it.

And if you decide not to use a logo, no biggie! I draw (and airbrush) all the time so I won't be doing anything I don't normally do in my free time.

Take care guyz .. I have a binocular wearing donkey in a t-shirt to draw. xoxox!

Unknown said...


I like your idea of the donkey with binocs and the T-shirt! Even if you draw another logo as well, I think you should draw this one too and send it in! :) I have a great image of this in my mind.

PS - I love this site!! :) Thank you to everyone reading this - for creating, maintaining, and participating in this site!

benchbug said...

Maybe we could pitch in a pair of Ojamas for your logo prize basket. Would you be willing to exchange an ad-link for it?