Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mr. Super.... Revealed!

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One of the greatest mysteries of this primary season isn't who will win the nomination but rather who is Mr. Super? Today we finally found out! is a website which was created in March to debunk myths, offer insight and answer questions about the 2008 Democratic nomination process for President. The author, who has been posting under the pseudonym "Mr. Super" will announce his identity today.

The site was created by Edward Espinoza, an undeclared Superdelegate and elected DNC Member from California and a former Field Director to 2008 Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson.

The site gained the immediate attention of several political media outlets covering the web, being included in a story by Abbi Tatton on CNN, as well as serving as the subject of magazine articles published in The Nation and The American Prospect. It was recently mentioned in a San Jose Mercury News article, and the site has also been featured on other blogs including Democratic Convention Watch, TAPPED - the blog of the American Prospect, and has received mentions on DailyKos, Ben Smith's blog at and a number of other political blogs. All featured stories are listed on a page within the blog under a link labeled "In The News."

So, why author the site anonymously? "I stand by everything I've written on the site - but I didn't want the site to be about me, I wanted it to be about the topic of Superdelegates," said Espinoza. "I put this together under the premise that it would be a public service and no personal gain to be made - there would be no advertising to earn money from and no name recognition for the author."

Up until now readers have suggested that Mr. Super is a member of Congress, others think that Mr. Super is a senior member of the DNC. Because the author has participated in three national conventions and works as a political consultant, he carries experience that is normally associated with more elder members of the Party. Mr. Espinoza, age 35, is not currently affiliated with any federal campaign, has been on the ground in seven primary states this season.

Several notable items from the site include the author's repeated notion that "there are no undecided Superdelegates - only undeclared ones," thereby giving some insight into the shell game of presidential nominating politics. He has provides background on details pertaining to Florida and Michigan as well as offers insight as to why some Superdelegates remain undeclared.

At this time, the site rarely strays from the subject of Superdelegates - with the exception of a segment entitled "Friday Veepstakes" in which the possibilities of potential presidential running mates are espoused upon. On May 7th the site registered more than 5,826 visitors.

Edward Espinoza is a political and public relations strategist from Long Beach. He is the former President of the California Young Democrats and frequent guest on CNN. He is the author of a February 25 opinion piece published in Politico entitled "Superdelegates use powers for good, not evil" and is regularly quoted in the LA Times and other notable publications. - Press Release
We would like to thank Ed for all the help he's given us so far. We look forward to working with him more in the future.


_libby_ said...

I looked at that link and could have sworn I stumbled in to James Carville's place.

Is he a Clintonite holding out to make a splash?

If there's a pool on who Mr. Super will endorse, I want in! This one will be a piece of cake.

DocJess said...

THANK YOU MR SUPER from an Obama supporter!