Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday summary

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The day after the big primaries always bring out lots of news:

Latest Superdelegate Endorsements:

Rep. Heath Shuler (NC) for Clinton.
DNC Jerry Meek (NC) for Obama
DNC Inola Henry (CA)
for Obama
Dan Gelber (FL)# for Obama
DNC Jennifer McClellan (VA) switched from Clinton to Obama

Current count: Clinton: 269.5 Obama: 258

There are now more undeclared superdelegates than pledged delegates left to be elected.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA), said: “I, as you know, have great fondness and great respect for Sen. Clinton and I’m very loyal to her,” Feinstein said. “Having said that, I’d like to talk with her and [get] her view on the rest of the race and what the strategy is.”

Clinton meeting with superdelegates today in Washington - NBC

Latest graphs can be found in the sidebar or at out Superdelegate History Tracker.


Hellmut said...

Thanks! Did you hear about Maryland party chair Michael Cryor and his deputy Lauren Glover who endorsed Obama on Monday? Both are super delegates.

The Baltimore Sun has a video of the announcement.

Matt said...

We added them to the superdelegate endorsement list earlier this week.

Will said...

DCW admins,

I think we should start the "healing process".

I realize that this site has been extremely neutral on the Democrats' primaries. But I am assuming that you are fellow Democrats, not Republicans.

So, how about dedicating an effort to win over HRC supporters to Obama, so that they won't even think of voting for McCain this November?

We can start with policy contrast between HRC vs Obama, and HRC vs McCain...

Oreo said...

We are all hard-core Democrats. Do you think a Republican would start a blog dedicated entirely to the 2008 Democratic Convention 3 years before it happens?

I can assure you that the minute a nominee is named we will do everything we can to show John McCain for what he really is. We will also do everything we can to show why our nominee should be the next president.

Until that time we will continue to remain neutral. It's worked for us so far.