Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nevada Add-on named

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Here's an update on the Nevada add-on, from Inside Nevada Politics, who's at the State Convention:

Still to come tonight is a floor vote on the add-on delegate, which could go for either Obama or Clinton. Word is the campaigns are trying to find a truly neutral candidate to make the process easier. If the two campaigns don't agree, then it's a floor fight.
Convention chair Chris Wicker is intent on finishing the agenda business tonight, but it's shaping up to be a long one.
Rusty McAllister, with the International Association of Firefighters, has been elected as the add-on, unpledged delegate to the national convention. The move basically makes McAllister the newest superdelegate from Nevada. He was elected by promising both campaigns that he is completely neutral in the presidential race, not having made up his mind between U.S. Sen. Barack Obama and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton.

McAllister originally supported Chris Dodd, who was endorsed by the IAFF before dropping out of the presidential race. When he showed up to caucus on Jan. 19, however, McAllister said he was told to choose a side and picked Obama. Since caucusing, he said he changed his mind about supporting Obama. He viewed his neutrality as the best avenue to the national convention. And he said the IAFF is asking its members to try to be elected to the national convention. The IAFF has stayed neutral in the presidential race since Dodd dropped out. If the IAFF succeeds in getting enough of their neutral members to the national convention, it stands to reason they could potentially act as a power broker. McAllister said the union's focus is more on the general election. - Inside Nevada Politics


Hippolytus said...

Just what he need -- a firefighter who can't get himself out of neutral.

Amot said...

The uninons tried the same in MI but get only one delegate! Exactly what Hillary wants - delegates that can be bought! Fortunately it will be of no importance!
I prefer he was open Clinton backer, at least those people are die-hards and believe in their choice!

Unknown said...

People who can't make up their goddamned minds shouldn't even show up to vote, much less be selected as delegates.

What the hell happened to people actually giving a shit about their democracy-- by, you know, having an opinion?