Saturday, May 31, 2008

Better make that call to 1-800-Red-Lion

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January 7th, 2008:

Michigan Democrats no longer can count on getting hotel rooms at their national convention in Denver.

The Democratic National Committee's Rules Committee last month stripped Michigan of its 156 national convention delegates as punishment for scheduling an early presidential primary in violation of party rules. State party officials had until Saturday to come up with an alternative to the Jan. 15 contest, but declined to do so.

That decision caused the DNC to informally tell state Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer that the party no longer has reservations at the Red Lion Hotel Denver Central during the Aug. 25-28 convention, state party spokesman Jason Moon said Monday.

"Excuse me, I'd like to reserve 200 rooms for the week of August 25th?"

(Hotel receptionist falls on the floor and starts laughing uncontrollably....)
Update 6/2: Of course, the DNCC was prepared for this all along:
DNCC planners said they are prepared for the additional 368 people who were once counted out after their states held their primaries ahead of the mandated date.
DNC officials said they had a contigency in place to provide the delegates with space on the Pepsi Center floor, transportation, as well as housing in Denver. - Denver 7News


Rambling Johnny said...

One of the punishment that the RBC did not publicize is that the delegation must share room at a five per room ratio! lolll And they cannot call room service or open the mini bar! lolll

Matt said...

Harold Ickes just called. The rules say 1/2 vote, so each delegate gets 1/2 a room - 2 delegates to a room. Any further diminishing of the delegate/room ratio will result in a challenge to the DNCC Housing Committee!

Hawkeye-X said...

They can stay at my place for the fee of $20,000.

It ain't much, but it got rooms, shitter, and everything else.

What more can you ask for. And it's a straight down to the Convention Center from here.


Nuisance Man said...

Yeah, five stay in each room...and the other four are all Russians, so no one sympathizes when you complain.

JenCook said...

Any word yet on where the Florirda democratic delegates are going to stay now?????

Matt said...

I wrote last November:

An emailer notes that the Grand Hyatt, where the Colorado delegation, and as of now only the Colorado delegation, is staying, is a large hotel, and has lots of rooms left over after the Colorado rooms are set aside.

I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.