Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Denver gets a warmup with Libertarian Convention

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This week thousands tens of Libertarians are expected in Denver for the much awaited Libertarian National Convention. Names like Bob Barr and Mike Gravel will be at Denver's Adam's Mark Sheraton hotel from May 22nd-26th.

I do have to break some bad news though. Previously scheduled speaker Neal Boortz will be unable to attend.

In Case you're lucky enough to attend here is the schedule of events

MAY 21
Masquerade Party (Bob Barr will dress up like Bill Clinton)
White Water Rafting (Put your life in the hands of Mike Gravel)
U. S. Mint Group Tour (After the tour join us as we try to close the mint)

MAY 22, 2008
Exhibit Hall Opening - Sponsored by MPP. (Marijuana Policy Project)
LNC Meeting
Welcome Reception
An Evening with David Nolan

MAY 23, 2008
Richard C. Hoagland - Do We Still Need NASA? Mr. Hoagland will address the urgency to “redefine and refocus NASA on the critical 21st Century scientific, technological and economic problems facing the United States during the next presidential administration.” Open to the PUBLIC. Cost $25 per ticket. (I saw this guy on the Sci-Fi channel talking about Crystal Skulls ending the world)

May 25
Presidential Cocktail Party & Banquet - Join the excitement! Included in the Presidential package; available a la carte for $125 (Denver will never be the same)
And if that's not enough... 60 breakout sessions will be held (check out the numbering)
1. Gun Rights Held Hostage (Guns rights discussed)
2. Libertarianism 101 (Who are these people and what do they believe?)
3. What Color is Your Soapbox? (How do you introduce Libertarianism to others?)
5. One Toke Over the Line (How the drug war is hurting our country.)
6. Rounding up the Rebels (Get others to join, organize rallies and other events.)
9. Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel? (Elections strategies)
10. The Parlor Pulitzer (On how to write letters to the editor)
11. What is the Price of FREE Speech? (Creating and using press)
14. Ringing the Tin Cup, formerly known as Whining Your Way to Wealth (Basic fundraising)
18. Will ALL Defendants Rise? (Defending jury rights)
20. How Rights Become Privileges and Vise Versa (Misinterpretation of the Language)
21. Cold Hearted Capitalist (What is human nature and how does it work in a free society?)
24. Victimless crimes - More than the Big Three.
25. Dis spelling the miths (Myth interpretations of our platform and how to answer them)
27. Home and Private Schooling (How to get it, how to keep it.)
28. Cut and Paste Your Way to Freedom (Making posters, banners, and flyers on the cheap.)
29. Persuading Co-workers You Aren't Nuts (Getting people to join)
30. The Net, the FCC and Me (Security on the net)
33. Oh, NO! It Wasn't Me! (Libertarianism and taking responsibility)
35. One Byte at a Time.
(How blogs and websites are changing the world)
36. Do We Need Touchy Feely People in the Party?
(Not to be confused with the hermits guide to a good time)
40. China Town, Little Italy, and …Lake Woebegone? (A discussion on immigration.)
41. Dancing With the Devil (deciding when to support a law or initiative that isn't perfect.)
47. What I Meant to Say (Intentional dialog- what you say may not be what they hear.)
49. The New Slavery (How federal regulations keep poor people poor.)
50. True Confessions of a Gun User (How guns have saved lives and property)
51. Voting for Dummies: by Count Chads (Introducing alternate voting systems)
52. A War Over War (Panel on Iraq, Iran and other places and people)
53. Eminent Domain - Coming to a neighborhood near you.
58. Our Young People Will Save Our Country (Round table with new, young Libertarians)
I briefly thought about going to practice my reporting skills but something tells me I wouldn't be welcomed after this post.


Amot said...

Oreo, thanks for the humor this week :)

rallen said...

Your 'cross-outs' are way too funny!

Citizenjane said...

Hilarious! It's hard to see how anyone could take this seriously. I especially love the numbering of the breakout sessions. Don't worry about the missed journalism practice -- you're doing just fine. Thanks for the chuckle.

Unknown said...

I think you should go, and you should listen.

Unknown said...


This is the "Face on Mars", alien bases on the moon guy - nothing too crazy for him.

They invited this guy to speak at their convention.

And the libertarians wonder why no one takes them very seriously.

Anonymous said...

not to crash the DCW party here, but in many cases of civil liberties and diplomacy, Libertarians have been more "democrat" than Democrats. In places of balanced budgets etc. they have been more "republican" than Republicans.
It was the libertarians who voted on the correct side of the falsely named "Patriot Act", "Homeland Security", and OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation) to the shame of many Democrats who supported Bush on those.
Even if people think Libertarians are wrong 90% of the time, it's for the 10% that they're correct that we should at least give them an ear.

Unknown said...

A stopped watch is right twice a day, but it is still useless for telling time.

Anonymous said...

well hans, you are what they call, a "closed minded democrat".

that exact argument is used by Republicans as to why we should ignore diplomacy with foreign governments who disagree with us. Nothing to gain from diplomacy with Sudan, let's bomb them! Ditto with Serbia, Iraq, etc. etc. etc. A lot of blood and not enough hands to go around to take the blame.

Unknown said...

Touche'!!! My daily snark allotment was fulfilled reading this :)

tmess2 said...

Wondering what we can do to convince the Libertarians to nominate Bob Barr. He should be able to keep most of the won't vote for a woman or an African-American so-called Democrats away from John McCain.