Monday, May 12, 2008

Rep. Tom Allen of Maine Endorses Obama; 2 total for the day

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Will we see a repeat of Friday's 11 superdelegate endorsements?


Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Tom Allen today pledged his support to Senator Barack Obama. Allen made his announcement during a 10:30 a.m. press conference at his campaign headquarters here.

Allen said he believes that both Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton are “supremely qualified to be president.”

“I have been friends for a very long time with former President Clinton and Senator Clinton. I respect their service to our nation. Hillary Clinton has run a vigorous campaign and has attracted a passionate following in Maine and around the country. She loves this country and is a true leader. For her service, I am grateful,” he said.

“Most of the primary voters across the nation have now spoken. It is time to bring a graceful end to the primary campaign. We now need to unify the Democratic Party and focus on electing Senator Obama and a working majority in the United States Senate. That is how we can change the direction of the country.

“I am running for the U.S. Senate because I believe Maine should lead the change this country needs. I share important priorities with Barack Obama: universal health care, reining in gas and food prices, greater independence from foreign oil, bringing our troops safely home from Iraq, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.”

Over the weekend we had 7 more endorsements. Obama got 6 and Clinton 1.
5-11-08 - Added DNC Crystal Strait (CA) for Obama

5-10-08 - - Added new Utah addon Kristi Cumming(UT)# for Obama
- Added DNC
Carol Burke (VI) for Obama
- Switched DNC Kevin Rodriguez (VI) from Clinton to Obama.
- Added Ohio add-on Dave Regan (OH)# for Obama
- Added Massachusetts add-on Arthur Powell (MA)# for Clinton
- Added
Rep. Harry Mitchell (AZ) for Obama
Update: Idaho Party Chair R. Keith Roark will announce his endorsement today at noon Idaho time. Obama won Idaho 79% - 17% so this one should be no surprise.

Obama has just gained superdelegate #2 for the day.
Today, Hawaii Superdelegate Dolly Strazar endorsed Barack Obama for President. Strazar is the 279th superdelegate to endorse Obama. Obama is 152 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.

“As a Democratic National Committeewoman, I have felt it my duty to let this unique presidential campaign process play out, one that has reached across the country and engaged millions of Americans in expressing their preference for a Democratic nominee before expressing my preference as a superdelegate. I am now convinced that it is time to pull together behind a single candidate who has the backing of a growing number of Americans . I therefore announce my wholehearted endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.

I have had and still do have the utmost respect for Senator Hillary Clinton and the positive and uplifting force that both of the Clintons have been in Hawaii. It excites me, however, to enter active campaigning for a son of Hawaii who learned the lessons of "getting along" that so dominate the values of the people of the fiftieth state. I am convinced that these values of inclusiveness and respect for differences that we take for granted in Hawaii are part of what has made our America a nation based on freedom, equality, justice and the pursuit of happiness. I further believe that these values will serve to unify our country and lead us to victory in November.

The will of Democrats in Hawaii was expressed loudly and clearly in February and I am proud to see that that same vision has been reflected throughout the country in Democratic support for Senator Obama."The will of Democrats in Hawaii was expressed loudly and clearly in February and I am proud to see that that same vision has been reflected throughout the country in Democratic support for Senator Obama."


Disco80 said...

So when will the MSM pick up on Obama's superdelegate lead?

Unknown said...

Most of them ran stories late last week, as their counters put Obama past Clinton a few delegates before DCW did.