Thursday, May 15, 2008

Superdelegate endorsements for Thursday 5/15

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After the biggest non-superdelegate of this year's primaries endorsed Obama last night it should be interesting to see how it plays out today. Obama leads today with 4 superdelegates to Clinton's 0.

Washington Representative Jim McDermott has endorsed Obama

Rep. Jim McDermott on Thursday became the fourth U.S. House member from Washington to endorse Barack Obama for president.

The Seattle Congressman told the P-I's Joel Connelly that Obama is his pick because "I am confident as president he will end the war in Iraq and bring our sons and daughters home."

California Representative Henry Waxman has endorsed Obama
“Senator Obama’s vision for change has inspired tens of millions of Americans,” Chairman Waxman said. “And he’s also proved that he has the experience, judgment, integrity, and toughness to bring real reform to Washington. Our nation faces big challenges. We need to bring our troops safely home from Iraq. We need to solve global warming and finally enact universal health care legislation. And we need to create new jobs and strengthen our middle class. Senator Obama is the leader we need both here and around the world. He will be an extraordinary President, and I look forward to working with him to make his vision for change the new reality in Washington.”

California Representative Howard Berman has endorsed Obama
“Barack Obama has laid out a foreign policy vision driven by principle and conviction, and he understands that our moral authority and our safety as a nation go hand in hand,” Chairman Berman said. “I spoke with him about a number of foreign policy issues that most concern me. He assured me that he shares my views. The moment President Obama takes office, we’ll send a powerful message to the world that America is back and ready to lead again—that we haven’t abandoned the values that made us the light of the world, and neither should anyone else.”

DNC member Larry Cohen a DC superdelegate has endorsed Obama.

“I’m convinced that Senator Obama’s message of hope and ‘change we can believe in’ has resonated across our country. He is building a broad base of support, inspiring new voters to join in the political process and demonstrating great appeal to all those who are looking for positive leadership to move us beyond politics-as-usual in Washington."


ScubaVal said...

I just heard on MSNBC that three of Edwards' pledged delegates have declared for Obama. They didn't say who they were, so I hope you are aware of this and look into it.

Great news for Obama.

coop said...

I heard 4 of them did, not 3.

Xyxox said...

LArry Cohen to endorse Obama:

Plus he's got 6 out of 8 Edwards Delegates from South Carolina:

Xyxox said...

Berman and Waxman endorse Obama!

ScubaVal said...

of course, as soon as I posted my comment, I noticed on several blogs that they were once again ahead of the traditional media.

I guess the floodgates are creaking open now!

Paul and Nate said...

You have 4 posted on the page, but say that there are 3 total for the day. Update maybe?

scrooner said...

Floodgates, yes. Wanna see the net SD endorsements since May 5th?

Obama: +46.5
Clinton: +3

Oreo said...

Fixed... thanks

Shelee Whitaker said...

Thank You CA. Reps for Backing up CA. and what the mojority voted for.That's ok, we voted you in and we'll vote you out! Aren't you excited you get to be in the Nancy Pelosi Club (the club of the spineless)!